TA is committed to establish, document, implement and maintain the QMS and continually improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the system for an enhanced business performance and customer satisfaction

Quality Policy:  We shall strive to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction in measurable terms with utmost quality and timely supplies, ensuring greater value for customer. We shall ensure active involvement to improve the process for consistent growth rate of our organization.

Quality Assurance:  Quality is viewed as an ongoing process that shall bring maximum value – addition to our offering, leading to market preference for our product, and hence, overall growth of the organization and its term of people.

Our approach to create quality is:
  •  Maintain consistent quality throughout the process. 
  •  Learn and improve continuously by creating a system of continuous feedback on our products from the users and our own customer care team.


QMS Implementation:  The key processes for implementation of QMS include customer related processes, purchasing including outsourcing, production and service provisions, preservation, control of monitoring and measuring devices, internal audit, control of non-confirming product,continual improvement etc.


Corporate social responsibility              


  • Compliance with all statutory requirements on worker compensation and benifits
  • Health insurence and provident fund for permanent as well as casual workers
  • In compliance with applicable environmental regulations
  • No underage labor
  • All workers issued safety tools & equipment
  • Support of local charities that benifit the community in which we operate.

Sub-Vendor Qualification:  Sub-vendors are pre-qualified and regularly audited to ensure adherence to specifications and good engineering practices. We have established sub-vendors in key areas to ensure greater value to our customer and use our knowledge and quality team to ensure that our sub-vendors are in compliance.

Time Management: We consider timely delivery as part of overall product quality and to ensure that we take several steps such as using a trusted pre-qualified vendor base, training of employees in time management methods, 3D modeling and Document control to minimize shop floor surprises etc